coloured contact lenses

Contact Lenses: Types and How to Choose the Right One for Your Eyes

Contact lens is a thin clear lens which is placed on the eye cornea to ameliorate the vision. Like conventional spectacles, the When you buy coloured contact lenses, they serve the purpose of furnishing clear vision. They’re light in weight and nearly unnoticeable.

Some contact lenses are designedly coloured to alter the appearance of the eye. Here are a few know hows about contact lenses that you ought to be aware of assuming you are keen on wearing contact lenses:

1. The material of Contact Lens

The matter of some importance that strikes a chord while picking to buy coloured contact lenses is the material that suits your necessities the most. Based on the material, there are extensively 5 sorts of contact lenses:

  • Soft lenses: These lenses are planned from soft, gel like plastics known as hydrogels. Hydrogel is a water containing plastic material. Soft lenses are incredibly dainty, flexible and sit flawlessly over the front surface of the eye.
  • Silicone hydrogel lenses: These lenses are produced using a high level variant of the soft lens material that assists more oxygen with going from the perspective surface and arrive at the eye. Presently, silicone-hydrogel lenses are the most well known sort of contact lenses.
  • Rigid Gas permeable/Gas Permeable lenses: Likewise called GP or RGP lenses, these contact lenses hold their shape on the eye and are rigid in nature. This makes them incredibly helpful for adjusting astigmatism and other refractive blunders. Regularly, the gas permeable lenses are more modest in measurement than the soft lenses and are made out of materials that are profoundly oxygen permeable. Being rigid, it as a rule requires an investment for the eyes to conform to these lenses when you initially begin utilizing them. When the eyes get adjusted to the material, a great many people who use GP lenses view them as agreeable and bother free as the soft lenses.
  • Hybrid contact lenses: As recommended by their name, these lenses have a focal zone produced using rigid gas permeable material and a fringe zone produced using hydrogel or silicone hydrogel material. This plan is made to give the solace of silicone hydrogel or soft lenses and simultaneously give perfectly clear optics of the RGP or GP lenses.

2. Wearing duration of the contact lens

Based on the wearing time, when you buy coloured contact lenses, they are comprehensively divided into two types:

  • Daily wear contact lenses: These are the contact lenses that can be utilized just a single time and ought to be eliminated prior to nodding off.
  • Extended wear contact lenses: These are the lenses that could be utilized for a set number of days and can be worn for the time being. At times the term constant wear contact lenses is utilized for extended wear lenses that can be worn for as long as 30 days.

3. On the basis of design of Contact lens

Both silicone hydrogel and hydrogel contact lenses are accessible in an enormous types. Here are the most well-known:

  • Spherical contact lenses: these are the lenses that have a similar power across the whole optical piece of the lens to address the refractive mistake.
  • Toric soft contact lenses: these contact lenses have different power along various meridians of the contact lens in order to address astigmatism as well as revising myopia/hyperopia.
  • Bifocal contact lenses: With age, an individual’s capacity to concentrate from far to approach decreases. This condition is known as presbyopia. Thus, on the off chance that an individual experiences issues with both all over vision, he/she really wants bifocal lenses. These lenses have the power for both the all over vision in one lens. They are accessible as gas permeable and soft lenses.
  • Multifocal contact lenses: These are the lenses that have various zones of force for all over vision to address presbyopia alongside myopia/hyperopia. Once in a while, multifocal lenses might be recommended to address astigmatism.
  • Coloured Contact Lenses: In a perfect world, the shade of contact lenses ought to affect your vision. In any case, it is in every case best to get a medicine for them so your primary care physician suggests you to buy coloured contact lenses that fit your eyes appropriately.

Points To Note While Utilizing Contact Lenses

  1. Ensure you generally clean up and dry them completely before you handle your contact lenses. Regularly practice it to consistently and cautiously clean your contact lenses as proposed by your optometrist/ophthalmologist.
  2. Continuously store your lenses in the lens stockpiling case. Make sure to supplant the case after like clockwork. After each utilization, clean the case and let it in the middle between cleanings. Continuously utilize new solution to store and clean the contact lenses. Make it a highlight dispose of the solution according to the suggestions of the producer.
  3. Eliminate your contact lenses prior to entering a hot tub or prior to swimming. Never use cream cleansers when you buy coloured contact lenses, as they might leave a cleanser film that can get moved to the lens or lens cases.
  4. Never utilize home-made saline solutions for cleaning your lenses. They can prompt a serious and possibly blinding condition in individuals who utilize soft contact lenses. Try not to utilize regular water for cleaning the lenses. Never share your contacts with others and above all, never lay down with your lenses on.
  5. Assuming your soft contact lens stalls out in the eye, clean up and afterward attempt to decide the specific area of the lens. It implies that the lens has dried out. For this situation, grease up the eye with clean saline, contact lens solution or re-wetting solution. Then, close your eye and back rub the upper cover delicately till you can feel the lens move. Continue to grease up till you can feel the lens move unreservedly. When it does, eliminate the lens like you ordinarily would.
  6. In the event that your eye feels dry or aggravated in the wake of eliminating the lens, grease up your eye with greasing up eye drops. If disturbance endures, counsel an eye specialist right away.