How Much Does Custom WordPress Website Development Cost?

How Much Does Custom WordPress Website Development Cost?

WordPress is undoubtedly a widely used platform. It is an open-source platform that can be used to develop any kind of website, from a blogging site to an eCommerce store.

The creation of a website is the first step to growing your business digitally. Undoubtedly, it is the best medium to reach a wide range of audiences worldwide. 

With WordPress, there are two major website development options: either invest in custom WordPress development services or use a pre-built WordPress theme.

A custom web development company in NYC would help you and will be well-suited if you need a unique website tailored to your specific needs. But how much does it cost you?

Keep reading this post to know various factors that influence the custom WordPress website development cost. 

Factors Affecting the Custom WordPress Website Development Cost

WordPress Plan

The foremost thing to evaluate the website development cost with WordPress is the WordPress plan you choose for the same. 

WordPress is available in three pricing plans: WordPress open-source, WordPress starter, and WordPress pro. So, you can choose a plan according to your requirements and by considering the features that a plan offers.

Custom Theme Development

There are plenty of theme options available on WordPress. But if you do not find a relevant website theme, you can hire a WordPress development company to develop a customized theme per your needs. 

Remember, the cost of developing a theme depends on the requirements you have for your website. The more complex the features and functionalities you want in your website, the more cost you will have to bear for the same.

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Custom Plugins

It might be necessary to add custom plugins to your website in order to add certain functionality. It is common when you have functional requirements and features, but you did not find a pre-built plugin for the same.  

To serve your purpose well, you can invest in custom WordPress website development services for creating a purpose-built plugin for your website. 

Hire a WordPress Development Company

The last but not the least factor in evaluating the custom WordPress website development cost is the cost of hiring a WordPress development partner. 

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Put an exact cost of hiring a WordPress developer depends on your requirements. You have to spend a little just to set up a basic website, whereas if you need something complex, it will surely cost you a lot.


Considering the various factors that significantly influence the cost of custom website development using WordPress, engaging a trusted Mobile App Development Company in California can be a strategic choice. Custom development offers the advantage of crafting a distinct website tailored to your business needs, making it a worthwhile investment for business owners. While it’s true that custom development might entail higher costs, the unique benefits it offers can justify the expenses incurred. However, pinpointing an exact price for WordPress website development is complex, as it hinges on numerous variables. To provide a rough estimate, the cost can vary anywhere between $15,000 to $85,000, depending on the intricacies of your requirements. Therefore, before enlisting WordPress development services, it’s crucial to delineate the specific features and functionalities you envision for your website.