documents required for home loan

Home loans: List of documents required (2023)

You will positively come across a list of documents required for a home loan while looking for the same on your lender’s website. Also, you may confirm the same information by calling their officials over the helpline number.

Besides these documents, the antecedents of the concerned property must be presented along with your income background. Upon successful KYC verification, you get the home loan approved, and the agreed principal amount is duly transferred to your bank account. 

Keep reading to know the complete details on the required set of documents.

A brief discussion about all mandatory documents for a home loan

At present, almost any lending institution will ask for each of the following document types before sanctioning a home loan.

Income proofs

Your income documents are the most significant deciding factor when approaching a bank or a Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFC) to acquire a home loan. Depending on your profession, i.e., whether you are salaried or not, the lender decides what documents have to be given.

For salaried borrowers, generally, a lender asks for their monthly salary slips and an authorised salary certificate from the current employer or their offer letter. Also, you must produce income tax returns from the previous two years or Form 16 if you fall under this category.

Self-employed home loan applicants must follow a set protocol while applying. If you are non-salaried, keep your profit and loss statements, business financial reports, and income tax returns from the past three years handy. All of these are compulsory while applying for a home loan. 

Credit report

Certain Reserve Bank of India (RBI)-licensed credit reporting agencies allow you to generate your free credit report. This document helps the lender to assess your repayment capabilities by referring to your credit score, past paybacks, credit utilisation ratio, number of defaults, etc. It is recommended not to apply for a home loan when your credit report reflects a substantial outstanding debt. 

Bank statement

In addition to a set of income proof documents, the creditor may ask for your bank’s complete statement, at least for the previous six months. This helps them to gain an idea of whether you have the potential to repay the requested principal along with the accrued interests. 

Property documents

Under this head, the bank officials ask for papers issued once you enter the final stages of agreement with the property seller. The list of estate documents comprises valuation reports, property title deeds, property tax receipts, and ownership documents. 

If you successfully present all these documents while applying, the application process moves smoothly to the next stage. 

List of financial assets

This part is important in confirming that your financial stability is undoubted. While putting forward an application, you must convey all the details of existing assets. This covers your investment portfolio, Fixed Deposit (FD) accounts, savings accounts, etc. 

List of active debts

Make sure to submit photocopies of all the records of your existing debts. If you do not have any, you may be asked to produce the No-Objection Certificates (NOCs) for your previous financial commitments. Hence, ensure you collect this certificate from your lender as proof of repayment.

Down payment proof

For this, the bank or NBFC will request the most recent statements of the account involved while furnishing the down payment. 

Identity proof

The lending organisation asks you to produce certain identification documents required for a home loan, just like every time you approach them for any other loan type. Some valid options under this segment include your Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving licence, or Voter ID. 

Tax verifying documents

Most lenders use your Aadhaar or PAN cards to verify previous tax payments. If your lender has different policies, you can learn about them from their website. 

Address proof documents

Keep any of your current accommodation’s utility bills handy to meet this criterion. Generally, financing corporations accept an electricity bill, gas bill, broadband bill, or ration card as a valid document. 

In some instances, you may also present your bank statement or passbook, provided that it displays your present address.

Employment history verification documents

This document is an authorised letter from your current job provider mentioning the present job profile, employment terms, contract period (if any), etc. To receive this letter on time, you must request your company’s human resource department for the same beforehand.   

Passport-size photographs

Any home loan provider will ask for your recent passport-size photos while processing the application. It is a mandatory element closely associated with other identity-verifying documents submitted from your end. 

To stay on the safer side, carry three photos while you visit the lender’s branch to settle the formalities. 

Documents NRIs require for a home loan

Here we have shared all the documents that a lender generally requests from their Non-Resident Indians (NRI) applicants for a home loan:

  • Government-issued KYC documents, such as the Aadhaar card/ PAN card/ Driving Licence/ Voter ID card
  • Salary certificate from the most recent employer along with details related to the job role, passport number, job joining date and salary slips (written in English)
  • Residence visa-marked passport page’s photocopy
  • Registered property developer-issued estate details
  • Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) bank statement showcasing transactions for the previous six months
  • Foreign government-issued employment documentation – either working visa or contract

For self-employed professionals, the lender asks to produce a valid trade licence, sponsorship agreement, Power of attorney, etc. 


This is all you need to know about the documents required to apply for a home loan. However, it is essential to note that this list will change as per the lender you select. So, the ideal thing to do here is to check with your preferred home loan provider and get the list of papers needed for this credit, then arrange them accordingly to avoid any hassle.