Custom Cookie Boxes

Custom Cookies Boxes: Unwrap the Best Packaging for Baked Goods

Cookies are one of the most loved baked items in the whole world. They are used as the perfect gift people give to one another at different festivities. These baked items are hard in texture, and moist but relatively hard in comparison to other baked goods. They are made generally from dough with chocolate chips sprinkled over them. The shape, texture, and taste make cookies the most desired confectionery item.

How Many Types of Cookies Are There?

There are many types of cookies that people may not know about, such as:

Snickerdoodles: Snickerdoodles are a unique type of cookie made from sugar and cinnamon, giving the cookies a crispy yet soft texture.

Chocolate Chip: Chocolate chip cookies are the most loved cookies. These cookies were accidently invented in 1930 but this accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise. These cookies are baked with fine dough mixed with chocolate chips, making them everyone’s favorite cookies. Chocolate chips are the type of cookies that are always in demand.

Oatmeal Raisin: Oatmeal raisin is a drop-type cookie. These cookies are made from oatmeal dough and mixed with raisins, and brown sugar. These cookies are nostalgic as they give warm vibes like that of grandma’s house.

Gingersnaps: These cookies are also called ginger biscuits. Ginger biscuits are spicy as they are made from cinnamon, ginger powder, molasses, and nutmeg.

Shortbread: Shortbread cookies were invented back in the medieval times in Scotland. These cookies are made from less butter and more flour opposite to butter cookies, giving them a crumbly yet tender texture.

Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter is also a commonly loved type of cookie. People who love peanut butter are extremely fond of peanut butter cookies. These cookies also help those with peanut allergies to differentiate which cookies they can and cannot eat.

Whoopie Pies: These cookies have the shape of a sandwich. These cookies have a delicious marshmallow filling. The unique recipe of this type of cookie makes it another famous cookie type, especially among marshmallow lovers.

Sugar Cookies: These mid-18th-century cookies were invented in Pennsylvania. Sugar cookies are famous for being easily customized into many shapes as per the needs of the baker and customer demands.

Molasses: These cookies are the type of cookies that can be gifted. These cookies are usually made from just ginger or molasses, in either a cake form or a crinkly form.

Biscotti: Biscotti is a Roman invention. It means to be baked twice. Pertaining to its name the texture of these cookies is hard and long lasting. Its texture is what makes it a traveler’s favorite snack.

Butter: Butter cookies have more amount of butter to them than flour. Butter cookies are used in gifts as they are easily customizable.

Spritz: These German cookies are traditional cookies with many colors and flavors. These cookies can be used in many traditional festivities such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.

Snowball: These wintery delights have various names such as butterballs, tea cakes, and Mexican wedding cakes. These cookies are soft and can be melted in the mouth on the first bite as they are made from shortbread and powdered sugar.

Thumbprint: These shortbread cookies are made by printing one’s thumb on it to add a filling of jam onto the cookie. These cookies also make great festivity gifts.

Pinwheels: Pinwheel cookies are uniquely baked cookies. These cookies have the shape of a pinwheel as their name suggests. These cookies can be decorated beautifully using dates and other add-ons to enhance their beauty.

Wafers: Wafers are also a type of cookie. Wafers are made as thin, dry, and flat cookies with vanilla and banana pudding giving it a delicious taste.

Macarons & Macaroons: Macarons are meringue-based while macaroons are with a coconut base. Macaroons have a dense texture and can be enjoyed plainly as well as by dipping them into chocolate etc. Macarons have an eggshell-like texture and give a chewy feeling while eating due to their meringue base. However, both macarons and macaroons make great festive cookies and gifts.

Fortune Cookies: Fortune cookies are also famous as Chinese take-outs. The origin of these cookies came from Japanese cookies. These cookies are famous as they have a piece of paper predicting any future event for the person eating the cookie.

Crinkle Cookies: Crinkle cookies are fudgy and made with powdered sugar that can be easily melted in the mouth. These cookies are loved by those who enjoy a chewy texture in cookies.

Gingerbread: Gingerbread is one of the most commonly known festive cookies. Gingerbread cookies are shaped like a gingerbread man. These cookies always appeal to children as they are fascinated by the idea of a gingerbread man because of cartoons etc. These cookies as their name suggests made from ginger, and can be decorated for holiday festivities as well.

Tassies: Tassies are similar to mini pies. These cookies have a small cup-like texture having a delicious filling. These cookies are Southern in their origin.

Lebkuchen: These German cookies are similar to gingerbread cookies and can also be used as gifts for festivities.

Macadamia Nut: Macadamia Nut cookies are a perfect blend of dry fruits with dough. Having white chocolate glazed over these cookies makes them heavenly in their texture and taste.

Why Custom Cookies Boxes for Bakery Businesses?

It is every bakery’s need to manufacture their Custom Cookie Boxes. It is essential to differentiate each cookie type from the other. Every business needs to customize its specific cookie boxes to make its baked goods stand out in the market. Cookie boxes should be customized based on their types, style, design, etc. It is important to pack macaroons in their box and peanut butter cookies in their box, as each cookie product has its specifications and demands that cannot be ignored. It is important to make sure that the cookie boxes of a particular bakery brand have their company’s logo, taglines, colorful designs, product information, and company descriptions on them.

Bakery businesses can rapidly excel in their sales by manufacturing attractive custom cookie boxes. The material used in custom boxes also needs to be checked as cookies being edibles need to be packed carefully. The custom cookie boxes should be of eco-friendly material so that the cookies remain unaffected by any adverse environmental conditions. It is one of the most important duties of any business to provide their customers with a good quality product. Thus, every bakery business should aim to provide their customers with the yummiest of cookies packed in their beautiful custom cookie boxes.