Improving IELTS Speaking Band Score In Just One Month

Improving the IELTS speaking band score is not a rigorous task as long as you are approaching the section in the right manner. Well, as you know you will have a face-to-face interaction with the examiner during the section and he will ask you a few questions to check your proficiency in English speaking skills. You have to gain expertise in expressing your ideas or thoughts excellently in spoken English but there are a few core things that you have to bear in your mind while taking the test. 

The article will define the core things that you have to bear in your mind while taking the test and also, the tips to ace the section in just one month. If you are troubled with your speaking skills then, read this article to polish them and ace the IELTS speaking section like a pro. 

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Improve your IELTS speaking band score in just one month:

Mock tests

Many candidates often complain about the anxiety that happens during the face-to-face interaction with the examiner and ask for tips to improve their confidence. Try giving mock tests daily as this will help you get accustomed to speaking in front of the examiner. Just get help from your friend or sibling or just sit in front of the mirror assuming the reflection in the mirror as the examiner. Try giving responses to the questions and improve your proficiency in thinking in the English language directly. 


You might be feeling nervous and daily meditation will work as the best therapy to get rid of that nervousness. Practice bringing your attention to the positive thoughts through meditation. Regular meditation will undoubtedly assist you in dealing with the stress and restlessness that candidates often undergo when preparing for the exam in such a short period of time. Also, meditation done in the right way will set your mind free from the negative and depressing thoughts that are stopping you from performing well on the exam. 

Reading newspaper 

For sure, you will be working hard to learn English but believe us that reading a newspaper daily will boost your efficiency in learning English. Regular interaction with vocab and formal English language will surely boost your English language skills. This will also get you familiar with new English grammar rules and boost your confidence in using the formal English language. 


Focus on improving your familiarity with the pronunciation of the words as this will help you in speaking well and understanding spoken English quickly. Interact with the pronunciation of the words regularly through news podcasts, YouTube interview videos, English songs, etc.  

Elaborative answers

Understand that you will be taking the test to demonstrate the level of your efficiency in English speaking skills. Hence, you have to seek questions or opportunities where you can let the examiner have an idea of your fluency level in the English language. You can do this only when you are giving elaborative answers to the questions. Just go through the mock tests available on the YouTube channel and observe what it actually takes to ace the speaking section. 

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We advise you to never compromise the prep for the other sections in order to perform well in the IELTS speaking section. These are a few tips that can help you prepare for the IELTS speaking section and make your way to an incredible IELTS speaking band score in just one month. Furthermore, to speak English well, you must have a basic understanding of the important English grammar rules and vocabulary. Always approach the best book to level up your English proficiency and don’t forget to make sample papers a part of your study material.