Biomorphic Design

What is Biomorphic Design and How They will Benefit Your Establishment

Interior designs help enhance the appearance and feel of interiors and exteriors. There are different types of Interior Biomorphic Design elements and services you can implement to raise the standard  of your interior space and one of them is the biophilic interior designs that are based on the introduction of natural elements such as plants, air, water and others that are organic.

The biophilic interiors can be introduced using natural elements directly such as potted plants, wall hanging plants, wall integrated plants, interior water ponds, man made waterfall, airy ventilation and introduction of natural light through them. 

Another way of introducing the biophilic interior design elements is by designing biomorphic forms and patterns. In this regard a biomorphic forms and patterns biophilic design consultant will be useful to consult.

What are biomorphic forms and patterns in biophilic interiors?

Biomorphic Design & its benefits

The word biomorphic is derived from the word biotic (life or living), which is Greek. This refers to shapes and forms inspired by nature. These are important components of biophilic interior design; they introduce morphed designs of natural elements such as plants, texture and patterns in a structure, giving the impression of the building being built with trees and plants. 

Biomorphic designs can be used in the form of contours, or numerical arrangements that are seen in the natural world. You can implement biomorphic design in built environments by introducing elements that represent nature in cosmetic and decorative functions of your space. 

Biomorphic design implemented interior spaces are captivating visually, interesting and comfortable and can significantly increase cognitive performance while reducing stress. 

The biomorphic patterns such as rungs, fabrics, wallpaper, cushions, pillows, walls, roofs, pillars and other architecture components can be introduced in your space to make it interesting and stand apart from the normal. 

When a space looks interesting it is likely that you will stay there for more and enjoy the feeling it has created in your mind and body. Introducing biomorphic design in your working environment will increase attendance, occupancy, and productivity.

Reduce stress levels in occupants

In biomorphic interior design you can also add woodwork, sculptures, wall decals, masonry and other fixtures or forms that fall under the category of biomorphic.  Whether it is a home or industrial or office environment, biomorphic design has these characteristics to reduce stress levels. You will be comfortable and hold your attention to keep you riveted to the environment. It has been scientifically proven that biomorphic interior designs are capable of keeping you light and away from tensions and anxiety.

Give food to curiosity

With biomorphic architecture designers curiosity is aroused tremendously and give them new horizons and scope to come up with innate ideas that integrate flora and fauna, energy, and water.  with biomorphic design ideas you are bringing more designs on the table to give customers more options of indoor and outdoor design ideas.

It goes beyond form

Biomorphic designs have been in vogue since Greek Temples’ Corinthian columns to Santiago Calatrava biomorphic architecture that have become iconic. Practice of biomimicry looks over forms and brings out the natural sustainability of life. This allows designers to design and create structures that are suitable to form and functionality and utilize materials that are environmentally adaptable.

Consult Biophilic eDesign creators

It is important for you to consult a biomorphic specialist or interior designer if you are planning something unique and novel which you want to introduce in your workspace.  Biomorphic design ideas are fathomless and you have a sea of ideas that you have to choose from. 

You can sample some of them by looking up Biophilic eDesign Service that could show you how potential there is in biomorphic interior design and how you can integrate them into your space to infuse life and energy. 

Looking at an eDesign of the possible biomorphic design for your office, commercial or residential space will give you the general concept of how your space will look after the design has been implemented. 

The design is especially suited for commercial establishments, memorials, monuments and also industries where a large number of people are employed. Integration of natural elements in architecture never ceases to amaze inhabitants and visitors. 

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