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Tips for Travel for a Trade Show as an Exhibitor

If you are traveling to some other locations for exhibiting at a Trade show other than your local then you must keep in mind some very important guidelines that will help you as well as save you from taking high stress. Here are some very useful tips as guidelines for traveling to a trade show as an exhibitor:

Plan ahead and book your travel and accommodation early:

Mostly the major exhibition stand contractor locations are filled with a lot of people as well as they book their air tickets and hotel accommodation early in advance. You as an exhibitor should not take any risk and book all the necessary things at least 6 months in advance if your plans for the trade show are 100% sure. Booking in advance will ensure you have a smooth trip and a place to stay.

Book the Local Booth Maker or Ship the materials ahead of time:

Try to find the local exhibition booth builder in the particular city you are traveling to this could save you a lot of time as well as money. Also, there are many other advantages to booking local booth makers as well. If you do not consider the local trade show booth then you will have to transport everything with you on your flight or as luggage can be a logistical nightmare. So it is better to ship things ahead to the event venue or your hotel to avoid hassles.

Keep important items in your carry-on luggage:

If you are having a laptop, chargers, handouts, and other critical items you must have them with you all the time. Keep these items in your carry-on or personal item bag because the first thing is that you need to be ready as soon as you land and in case your checked bags get delayed then still you will have these essential items with you. 

Give yourself plenty of time for setup:

Don’t book flights that have you arriving just before the start of the event this could definitely make you feel very rushed, frustrated, and stressed and if not you will do all your work in too much hurry. So it is better for you to get yourself to the exhibition city at least a day or two early to set up your booth with time to spare. Once you’ve set up your booth, walk around the event venue and see what other exhibitors’ custom trade show exhibit design are showcasing. Get a feel for the layout, and network, and see who your competitors are interacting with. 

Bring comfortable clothes and shoes:

As an exhibitor, you’ll be on your feet a lot demonstrating products, interacting with attendees, and networking. All this can make you a bit stressed and if your clothing is not comfortable then your confidence also get low so it is better to wear comfortable. Also, you must be dressed up in professional clothing that will serve you well and you will look good.

Don’t forget to market before the event:

For the particular city, you are traveling to start the marketing and promoting your brand, and you are exhibiting in the city. Your potential customers as well as other attendees in the location must know that you are going to exhibit at the trade show. Use social media, email campaigns, local newspapers, tv channels, and your website to promote your exhibition at the event. This will drive attendees to your exhibition booth, so you can make the most of your investment.

Plan time to unwind:

Trade shows take multiple days from its planning to implementing, making a trade show booth, and then dismantling it after the trade show all this can be exhausting and very stressful. Make sure to schedule a time to rest and relax better for your body and mind’s health. If you are relaxing in a good way unwinding the exhibition at the end of the day can be much easier for you. But if you have hired an trade show booths 20×30 then they will at least do the booth dismantling world for you.