Must & Must Not Follow Some of the IELTS Listening Tips

To study or work in an English-speaking country, even those “native English speakers” must take the IELTS exam, and it is often the case that a native English speaker will have a lower score than a non-native English speaker. Many of them use colloquial or informal language when communicating in English, whereas the IELTS benchmark is the same as International English. Also, you must resolve several issues before getting into the “How to” of preparation. Those who have never studied English before, should not expect to do well on the IELTS. To fully grasp the material, some preliminary groundwork is a requirement.

Candidates can choose a website offering practice listening exams and download a question paper with a blank answer sheet. The mock exam would be an audio recording of 30 minutes in length. The “Listening test” has four different parts with specific guidelines. Within forty minutes, the candidate must have finished the entire exam. Each correct answer would be worth one of a possible 40 points. The candidate should listen to the four audio segments and then use a stylus to record their responses to the exam questions on the exam sheet. The final answers should be copied into the blank answer paper after hearing all four audio segments. Put your worries to rest by joining the IELTS Institute in Amritsar & forget about the difficulties you are going to face.

The following are some of the first things a person should for for the IELTS Listening Tips


One way to improve one’s grasp of the language is to become a regular listener of the English news. It takes time to acquire the linguistic skills necessary to understand a foreign language with the appropriate accent. As a result, a student or businessperson with global aspirations needs to think in the long term.


It would be advantageous for an English learner to see a selection of English films with “international” acclaim heavy on dialogue and monologues. It would be even better if the movie included subtitles. The most intelligent English-language films are the ones with the highest ratings. The listener’s understanding of English, as well as general knowledge of the language, would benefit from this.

Online Lessons

You can find dozens of credible resources online that offer free ‘Audio’ or ‘Video’ courses for teaching English. The English used in these resources is simple and basic. The majority of the classes focus on teaching essential skills for learning English, such as basic grammar, sentence formation, etc. You can also benefit from listening to or watching audio or video dialogue classes on the internet.


Understanding English tunes is the toughest challenge for a foreign speaker of the language. Listening to English music can help you understand speakers with a native English accent. Someone is assumed to have a specific level of ‘understandability’ in English if they can understand the lyrics of English songs.

The pitfalls are merely “mental diversions” meant to examine a candidate’s “rigidity of mind.” In the pitfalls, a candidate who worries and doesn’t prepare adequately for the “actual listening test” will fall behind. The following, however, are the pitfalls;

Counting Scores in Between the Exam

The vast majority of students make this mistake, which causes them to lose concentration and miss out on important information. Therefore, students are not allowed to do any kind of score calculation during the exam.

Writing One Response While Predicting Another

It’s good practice for the brain. The test audio did not pause for breathing room, thus listening should be done with caution. Candidates should give their first instinctive reaction. Writing out a solution and then quickly going back to check or amend it would waste time and lower your score.

Not Following Guidelines & Strategies

The test directions will tell you exactly what to do. You must do as instructed. Instead of using “answer checking time,” test-takers often anticipate the following round of questions. It is yet another mental drill in which contestants try to beat the clock by avoiding thorough proofreading of their work. There is plenty of time to go back over the answers after hearing the audio.

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A billion individuals regularly utilize English as their primary means of communication. The ability to communicate effectively in English has never been more in demand as a result of globalization’s spread. The first step is to acquire a “Native Speaker’s Understanding of English.” Therefore, it is crucial to meet the requirements and achieve a good score on standardized tests like IELTS Listening.