breast implants cost in Turkey

How Affordable Is The Breast Implant Procedure In Turkey?

Cosmetic and aesthetic medical procedures have entirely transformed the lives of many people who wish to change their appearance and boost their confidence.

One such common cosmetic procedure is breast implant treatment, which is highly common among females worldwide.

Did you know that around 35 million people around the world get breast implants to improve their self-image in the social world? In the United States, approximately 3.5 million people also have breast implants.

The advancement of science and technology has truly facilitated the growth of the medical sector and cosmetic procedures.

Turkey is also a popular destination offering a variety of cosmetic procedures. The average breast implants cost in Turkey starts from USD 2520 and can alter depending upon various factors.

In this blog, let us understand the affordability of breast implant procedures in Turkey more clearly!

What Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are specially designed artificial devices which are used in cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation and reconstruction. 

An experienced plastic or cosmetic surgeon usually performs breast implant treatment on healthy patients who wish to change the shape and size of their breasts or regain breasts post-cancer therapy.

If a patient seeks a breast implant procedure after cancer, it is referred to as breast reconstruction. Whereas, when a healthy person wishes to alter the shape, size, and other aesthetics of the breast, it is referred to as a breast augmentation procedure.

What Are The Types Of Breast Implants?

There are various types of breast implants which are available in the market. However, the most commonly used types of breast implants are silicone gel and saline. They both have exteriors made up of silicone shells but can serve different functions.

Saline breast implants are the type of implants that are filled with sterile salt water. They are inserted into the breasts when they are empty and are filled afterward when they are accurately placed. Usually, people aged 18 and above can utilize these implants.

Silicone breast implants are created with silicone gel filling. They provide a more natural look and feel compared to saline implants and can be used by people above the age of 22.

Many other implants are also available and are used by many people. However, It is important to consult a qualified cosmetic surgeon to decide the best implant according to the complexity of your subjective case.

What Are The Advantages And Risks Associated With This Procedure?

Every medical procedure has a variety of advantages and risks linked to it. The breast implant procedure is also one of those procedures.

Breast implants are generally durable and can last for a long period. The procedure is also safe, and breast implant surgery has a low risk of complications. It can boost the confidence of an individual and help her in creating a more positive self-image.

However, there are also certain risks associated with this procedure. Some short-term complications of the procedure can include pain and bleeding. The implants can also harden and create further issues in the long term. In case of any internal complications, additional surgeries may also be required to counter the internal issue. The procedure also limits the individual from breastfeeding an infant.

To avoid these complications, it is best to always analyze each side effect and consult a medical professional to seek advice.

Is Breast Implant Treatment Affordable In Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most popular locations in the world when it comes to medical tourism due to its progressive health industry.

Cosmetic surgery is one such branch of this developed industry which is equipped with refined technology and qualified doctors. 

Breast implant treatment in Turkey is also widely popular among global patients seeking a cost-effective, high-quality treatment. 

Usually, the average breast implants cost in Turkey starts from USD 2520 and can go up to USD 3080. The cost of whole breast augmentation can be between USD 2700 to USD 3300.

This expense is relatively lower than most of the developed countries like the USA and UK, where the average treatment cost starts from USD 4235 and USD 4456, respectively. 

Hence, breast implant procedure in Turkey is affordable and can be a good choice to avail the best quality treatment under a reasonable budget!

Who are the Best Cosmetic Surgeons In Turkey For Your Breast Implant Procedure?

Turkey has a pool of highly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons. Some of them are mentioned below:

Dr. Cagri Sade

  • With an immense knowledge of nearly 25 glorious years in medicine, Dr. Cagri Sade is one of the most refined and experienced Cosmetic Surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • He is an expert in conducting cosmetic procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid correction), breast reduction, rhinoplasty (nose job), liposuction, neck lift, breast augmentation, etc.
  • He has performed over 1,000 cosmetic surgeries and possesses excellent skills in conducting diverse aesthetic, surgical, non-surgical, and reconstructive procedures. 

Prof. Dr. Gürhan Özcan

  • Prof. Dr. Gürhan Özcan is a well-known Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon having an extensive experience of more than 35 years in the field.
  • Dr. Özcan has been acknowledged with diverse awards for his great skills and valuable contribution to the field of cosmetic surgery.
  • He has also marked his name by winning the Edge of Europe of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS) examination in 2006 Budapest.
  • Some of his clinical specialization and interests include cosmetic procedures such as tummy tuck, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, neck lift, breast reduction, breast lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, closed rhinoplasty, and revision rhinoplasty.

Dr. Ergin Er

  • Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Dr. Ergin Er is one of the most competent and experienced Cosmetic Surgeons, with a knowledge of nearly 27 years of experience in this field.
  • He is a professional Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon with expertise in areas such as filler injections, glycolic peels, laser peels, vein removal, scar revision, chemical peels, dermabrasion, collagen, and tattoo removal.
  • He has been recognized with multiple glorious awards for his excellence in the field and also has a keen interest in conducting procedures such as rhinoplasty, surgery for facial & eye rejuvenation, breast augmentation, breast reduction, hair transplant, liposuction, plastic surgery consultation, etc. 

Dr. Selahattin Özmen 

  •  Dr. Selahattin Özmen is a renowned Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeon with an experience of nearly 25 years in the field of cosmetic surgery.
  • Some of his clinical interests include genital aesthetic surgery, vaginal reconstruction, carpal tunnel syndrome, breast aesthetics, arm lift, thigh lift, mesotherapy, PRP, breast reconstruction, facial traumas, treatment of facial paralysis, hypospadias, and penile anomalies. 

Dr. Hasan Sahin

  • With an experience of 16 years in the field of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Hasan Sahin is one of the most refined Aesthetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • He gained a worldwide reputation by gaining several glorious awards for his excellent service and has performed over 12,000 successful aesthetic operations throughout his medical career.
  • He specializes immensely in performing procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast aesthetics, craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, body shaping & medical aesthetic treatment, and abdominal stretching aesthetics.

Hence, breast implants are artificial equipment inserted in an individual’s breast to enhance its shape, size, and reconstruction. There are many types of implants, out of which silicone and saline are the most commonly used implants.
Turkey is an appropriate destination if you’re looking for a country offering refined breast implants with the support of highly skilled doctors. The breast implants cost in Turkey is also highly reasonable and can be easily accessed. You can undoubtedly select Turkey for your breast implant procedure!