HAGO: Empowering Communities Through Menstrual Equity in Canada

HAGO: Empowering Communities Through Menstrual Equity in Canada

Menstrual equity is a vital aspect of gender equality, aiming to ensure that all individuals have access to affordable menstrual products and education. In Canada, a nation known for its commitment to inclusivity, the issue of period poverty remains a pressing concern. In this regard, it would be great if you dive into the transformative work of HAGO (Helping All Get Opportunities). It is an organization dedicated to advancing menstrual equity in Canada. Moreover, by exploring their initiatives, impact, challenges, and future prospects, we gain insights into the larger narrative of menstrual equity in the country.

The Menstrual Equity Landscape in Canada

In Canada, despite its advanced status, around 1 in 3 individuals who menstruate under the age of 25 have struggled to afford menstrual products. In addition, economic disparities are evident, as a 2020 survey found that over 1 in 5 Canadians have experienced difficulty purchasing these products due to financial constraints. The stigma around menstruation persists, with 1 in 3 young women reporting feeling embarrassed about their periods. Additionally, inadequate policies are evident as certain provinces do not provide free menstrual products in schools. Consequently, these statistics underscore the urgent need for comprehensive efforts to achieve menstrual equity in Canada.

Introducing HAGO: Bridging the Gap

HAGO, which stands for “Helping All Get Organized,” is a grassroots organization dedicated to combating period poverty and promoting menstrual equity in Canada. In like manner, with a mission to empower individuals and foster inclusivity, HAGO aims to dismantle barriers through community-driven initiatives for a more equitable menstrual landscape.

HAGO believes that menstrual equity is a fundamental right, not a privilege. By providing free menstrual products, education, and stigmatization efforts, HAGO addresses the multifaceted challenges associated with period poverty. By the same token, through strategic collaborations, advocacy, and awareness campaigns, HAGO strives to create lasting social impact.

Initiatives and Impact

HAGO’s community-based workshops have reached over 1,000 participants, providing crucial menstrual education and breaking stigma. Identically, their donation drives have collected and distributed over 10,000 menstrual products to marginalized communities across Canada. Uniquely, through advocacy campaigns, HAGO successfully influenced local policies, resulting in increased access to menstrual products in public spaces. Furthermore, testimonials from beneficiaries highlight improved school attendance and mental well-being, indicating the positive impact of HAGO’s holistic approach to menstrual equity. 

Challenges Faced by HAGO

While HAGO’s efforts are commendable, they are not without challenges. Below are some challenges that can be faced by HAGO:

  • Limited Funding

HAGO’s initiatives heavily depend on donations and grants. In the past year, they faced a funding shortfall of 30%, impacting the scale and reach of their programs.  The shortfall hindered new project launches. Likewise, HAGO aimed to diversify funding sources to ensure long-term sustainability and growth.

  • Cultural Sensitivities

HAGO operates in diverse communities with varying cultural norms. As well as, tailoring menstrual education and product distribution to respect these differences requires extra effort and resources. Local partnerships help navigate sensitivities effectively. Of course, customizing materials and workshops ensures menstrual health messages resonate appropriately across cultures.

  • Sustainability

Maintaining long-term engagement and commitment from volunteers is a challenge. On average, 25% of volunteers who initially sign up for HAGO’s programs discontinue their involvement within the first six months. For this 9ur9ose, implementing retention strategies is vital. Providing ongoing training, recognition, and fostering a sense of community can improve volunteer retention rates significantly

  • Access to Remote Communities

Reaching remote and indigenous communities poses logistical challenges. At the same time, HAGO’s workshops and product distribution efforts have struggled to effectively penetrate these areas due to transportation limitations. Again, exploring alternative transportation methods like community networks can enhance access.

Collaborations and Partnerships

HAGO has formed partnerships with 15 local businesses, including pharmacies and supermarkets, which have contributed to the distribution of over 10,000 menstrual products. Additionally, collaborations with 5 educational institutions have led to interactive workshops that reached 500 students, promoting awareness and education about menstrual health. Working closely with 2 government agencies, HAGO has participated in policy discussions addressing menstrual equity and advocating for systemic changes. Even so, these collaborations underscore HAGO’s commitment to fostering a united front in the fight against period poverty.

Education and Advocacy: Shaping Public Perception

Through comprehensive workshops, HAGO’s education and advocacy efforts have reached 8 local schools. They have educated over 1,000 students about menstrual health, hygiene, and breaking taboos. Moreover, their multimedia campaign on social media platforms garnered over 100,000 impressions, sparking conversations about period poverty and challenging stigmatizing narratives. By focusing on education and advocacy, In this manner, HAGO has contributed to shaping public perceptions and fostering a more supportive and understanding community.


In pursuing menstrual equity, HAGO serves as a beacon of progress in Canada. Through collaboration, education, and advocacy, the organization showcases the transformative impact grassroots initiatives can achieve. In conclusion, HAGO’s efforts resonate with the larger movement for equality. They envision a future where period poverty is eradicated, and dignity prevails. Visit here to related posts and explore HAGO in much more detail!