Affordable Commercial Rotisserie Chicken Machine at Food Deals Supply!

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Cookline ER-268 40″ 12 Chicken Countertop Electric Commercial Rotisserie Oven, 220V


Cook up to 12 rotisserie chickens per batch in this commercial electric rotisserie machine. Showcase your chickens through the double transparent front and back tempered glass. Removable drip tray captures chicken fat during your cook while visible heating elements and interior lighting make for a stunning presentation. Included removable angle spits can be swapped for optional baskets if that’s your thing. Temperature range from 86 to 572 degrees makes for 1 hr cook and warming options.


  • Stainless steel structure
  • Thermostat 86F to 572F
  • Ceramic coating interior
  • Insulation on all sides
  • Visible open flame burners
  • Top, bottom, and bottom heat zone

Discover the perfect solution for your restaurant or food business with the Cookline ER-268 40-12 Chicken Countertop Electric Commercial Rotisserie Oven (220V). At Food Deals Supply, we offer this high-quality rotisserie machine at the best price, ensuring you get excellent value for your investment.

This versatile countertop oven is designed to perfectly roast succulent chickens, making it a must-have for any commercial kitchen. With its 220V power supply, you can efficiently cook and serve delicious rotisserie chicken to your customers. Upgrade your business today with this cost-effective rotisserie machine from Food Deals Supply!” Know more>>


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